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According to Digital Trends, the CEO of Sony has confirmed that Sony is working on the next PlayStation. According to a report from the Financial Times, the console isn't going to be drastically different in its architecture than the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 isn’t slowing down, though, with huge games like God of War and Spider-Man receiving glowing reviews this year. Sony's CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has confirmed that Sony is working on “next-generation hardware,” but it has not been revealed if the new hardware will be called the PlayStation 5 or if it would take some other form.

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    Speaking with the Financial Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House has confirmed that all of the reports we?ve been hearing about for the past few months are accurate: Sony is indeed working on an upgraded PlayStation 4. The system, codenamed ?Neo,? will have upgraded hardware that will allow it to produce 4K resolution and better graphics, and is built for Sony?s upcoming PlayStation VR peripheral. The system is not meant to supplant the current PS4, and will be sold alongside it. The system will be backwards compatible with almost all current PS4 games.

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    Sony's new president, Kenichiro Yoshida has spoken about the successor to the PlayStation 4. In a new interview, he says, ?It's necessary to have a next-generation hardware.? Instead of focusing on streaming games over the internet ? a la Netflix, Business Insider reports Sony is working on a more powerful box for running prettier games.

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    UK publication Express says the Playstation 5 could premiere in late 2019. Its rumored to have improved VR performance with a 2.0 version of PlayStation VR. The PS5 is also rumored to have continued backward compatibility with older games. As well as more integration with Sony?s PS Plus subscription gaming service.

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