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Dressing for crisis: Donald Trump's "disaster ensemble"


IN THE PAPERS - Friday, January 11: Papers continue to process the DR Congo election, with French papers wondering if the country should accept Félix Tshisekedi's alleged victory as a "concession in the hope of transition." For the Washington Post, Donald Trump's clothing choices are proof the president is trying to manufacture a crisis at the Southern border. We also look at the foreign leaders trying to co-opt France's Yellow Vests and why your grandparents are likely to send you fake news.

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  • Senators Make Full Court Press To Get Trump To Sign Off On Disaster Relief Bill

    Puerto Rico is running out of food assistance, the Southeast is reeling from hurricanes, and the Midwest is struggling with floods. But according to Politico, that hasn't moved President Donald Trump one bit. Trump received a ring from an unusual caller on Wednesday evening: Alabama's Democratic Sen. Doug Jones. He urged Trump to accept more money for Puerto Rico as a way to unstick a $13 billion disaster aid bill that's stalled in the Senate.

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  • Puerto Rico's Governor Lashes Out At Trump For Plan To Divert Disaster Funding

    According to a report by Business Insider, on Friday, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló lashed out at US President Donald Trump for his reported plan to divert funding from disaster relief to pay for the US-Mexico border wall. Rosselló tweeted, "No wall should be funded on the pain and suffering of US citizens who have endured tragedy and loss through a natural disaster. This include those citizens that live in CA, TX, PR, VI and other jurisdictions. Today it's us, tomorrow it could be you." The Associated Press originally reported that the White House directed the Army Corps of Engineers to look through its budget, which includes $13.9 billion dollars in emergency funds, to see if any money could be set aside for building the wall.

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  • Companies Create Crisis Management Plans For Trump Tweets

    As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office companies are tasked with an unusual referendum they must consider in a time of social media and an incoming President who loves to "clap back" via Twitter. U.S. companies have taken a thrashing from Trump since the November election. Boeing, Apple, GM, Ford and other well known companies round out a list of Trumps twitter victims. Companies have now internally labeled Trumps behavior under "crisis management" creating plans, and clear protocol on how to respond, along with being quick and diligent in doing so. Experts say it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to completely destroy a brand.

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    Chaque contribuable a commencé à recevoir ses déclarations de revenus 2018. Il est désormais obligatoire de les renvoyer par Internet sauf dans les zones blanches. Remplir ces déclarations présentent toutefois une différence notamment à cause des prélèvements à la source. Quoi qu'il en soit, déclarer ses impôts reste obligatoire pour tous. La date butoir est fixée entre le 21 mai et le 4 juin 2019 selon les départements. Ce sujet a été diffusé dans le journal télévisé de 13h du 10/04/2019 présenté par Jean-Pierre Pernaut sur TF1. Vous retrouverez au programme du JT de 13h du 10 avril 2019 des reportages sur l'actualité politique économique, internationale et culturelle, des analyses et rebonds sur les principaux thèmes du jour, des sujets en régions ainsi que des enquêtes sur les sujets qui concernent le quotidien des Français.

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