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In a B segment tending ever more towards standardisation, to the detriment of notions such as pleasure or youthfulness, the Peugeot brand sets itself apart in introducing the alluring new Peugeot 208.Because car usage is shifting, because energy transition is a true opportunity, new Peugeot 208 offers, right from launch, three different energy source options - electric, petrol or diesel. Body line no longer dictates vehicle usage!This new Peugeot 208 generation, which fits perfectly into the brand's upmarket move strategy, is distinguished by its keen design that brings with it a breath of youth and energy.In addition to original, distinctive styling, new Peugeot 208 is also breaking ground with a new generation Peugeot i-Cockpit including a 3D head-up display and myriad driving aids normally reserved for higher market segments.The world is changing and the future holds many questions. In the automotive sector, as is other fields, new challenges call for appropriate responses. Building on its 208-year history, the Peugeot brand is calmly and practically committing to the energy transition era, offering an exciting yet reassuring vision of the future: #UNBORINGTHEFUTURE.New Peugeot 208 is a new component in this vision of the future: it asserts a youthful image and communicates all its energy, spontaneity that reflect the values of the Peugeot brand - High Expectations, Style and Emotion. Its lithe appearance epitomises cheerful, sporty vitality, brimming with promise. Its sleek, quality design gives it a high-end look that is perfectly in keeping with the Peugeot brand's up-market strategy. New Peugeot 208 is at the core of the B segment, making its own contribution to what makes the Peugeot range so successful: assertive design combined with distinctive innovation and technology.

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