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Cadillac provided a sneak peek at the upcoming ultra-luxury, fully electric CELESTIQ show car. Designed to set a new standard for luxury EVs, the CELESTIQ embodies Cadillac’s commitment to reimagine what’s possible in design and technology.The foundation of CELESTIQ is the modular Ultium battery platform, which enables greater design flexibility. The CELESTIQ design and engineering teams took advantage of the new space and explored opportunities to artfully integrate cutting edge technology. The result is a stunning vehicle with a dramatic presence, a low profile and rearward proportions.Each vehicle offers a curated selection of hand-crafted materials, and each CELESTIQ will be designed to reflect the individuality of its owner. The vehicles will feature all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and a full-glass roof.Inside the cabin, CELESTIQ takes the artful integration of technology to new heights, with a customizable experience for drivers and passengers alike.

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