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Culture professionals protest after a year and a half of hiatus due to Covid-19


Lisbon, Jun 30 (EFE) .- (Camera: Irene Barahona / Andrea Caballero) Technicians from different professions in the field of culture have demonstrated in Lisbon to demand that the Government allow them to return to work after a year and a half of forced stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.FOOTAGE OF THE CONCENTRATION IN LISBON AND SOUNDBITES OF HELDER OLIVEIRA, VIDEO TECHNICIAN AND PATRICIPANT AT THE PROTEST. TRANSLATION:"It is a demonstration. The culture technicians want to work and the government won't let them. To claim more rights for us and get to work, and so that spectators can attend the shows, there may be more justice"."Through this organization APSTE and APEFE that came together to sensitize the government and help companies to work and get them to take responsibility for the losses and the unemployed, etc"."We haven't had a job in Portugal for a year and a half. We are show, video, sound, lighting technicians, stage technicians, theaters ... we are all represented here"."They are not enough. The government does not consider cultural workers, and gives preference to other sides of the economy such as tourism. They have forgotten culture, we are here to remind the government that there are culture workers. A country without culture is not a country, it is something similar, it is a country without identity". "If it weren't for my boss, I wouldn't be able to eat because the state hasn't helped me. I have been working in my profession since I was 17 years old and from one moment to the next the government prohibits practicing my profession and leaves me unable to pay my bills. If it weren't for my boss who took on my salary, I wouldn't have been able to pay my bills, I want the government to help too, to work alone".

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