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River of lava flows from La Palma volcano over a month after it began erupting


Geologists filmed a massive block floating in the direction of Tajuya on a stream of lava coming from the volcano's northern zone.

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    Tajuya (La Palma), Oct 17 (EFE) .- After almost one month since the the Cumbre Vieja volcano began to erupt on September 19, lava continues to flow and is "in top shape", according to the scientists monitoring it.SHOT LIST: THE ERUPTION OF THE CUMBRE VIEJA VOLCANO SEEN FROM TAJUYA, THE LAVA RIVERS THAT IT LEAVES IN ITS PASSAGE AND OF ITS EFFECT IN THE SMALL TOWN OF PARAISO.

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    Los Llanos de Aridane, Oct 12 (EFE).- More than 700 residents on La Palma in Canaray Islands were ordered to evacuate Tuesday as lava streams from La Palma's volcano descended towards the area to cause more damage. (Camera: MIGUEL ANGEL PEREZ CALERO).SHOT LIST: SPANISH AUTHORITIES ALERT RESIDENTS OF LA LAGUNA NEIGHBORHOOD IN LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE TO EVACUATE AND THE FOOTAGE OF LAVA FLOWING FROM LA PALMA'S VOLCANO, ON LA PALMA ISLAND, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.

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    Santa Cruz de La Palma, Oct 12 (EFE).- New lava flows that emerged during a volcanic eruption underway in Spain?s Canary Islands, which has scorched an area of around 525.77 hectares in three weeks, continued to keep emergency services on standby Tuesday.The new lava streams that emerged over the weekend after a partial collapse of the northern flank of the cone have increased magma output but the direction of the engorged flows remains stable.According to the report published Tuesday by the Government's Department of Homeland Security (DSN), the most active flow is currently the one that is further north. (Camera: EFE).B-ROLL OF THE LAVA FLOWING FROM LA PALMA'S VOLCANIC ERUPTION IN LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.

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