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Ancient Aztec temple, ball court found in Mexico City


A giant temple to the Aztec god of the wind and a court where the Aztecs played a deadly ball game has discovered in the heart of Mexico City.

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    Mexico City, Apr 29 (EFE) .- Authorities and archaeologists said Thursday that the roof of the Templo Mayor of Mexico City which collapsed due to the hail rain protected the archaeological zone of major damage.A heavy rain of more than two hours that included hail falls on Wednesday night knocked down part of the roof that covers the Casa de las Águilas in the archaeological zone of the Templo Mayor, located in the central Zócalo square of Mexico City. (Camera: MIGUEL ANGEL ANDRADE)SHOT LIST: B-ROLL OF THE ARCHEOLOGICAL ZONE OF THE TEMPLO MAYOR IN MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.

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