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Aziz Ansari Addresses Misconduct In New Netflix Special


According to CNN, it doesn't take long for Aziz Ansari to mention the elephant in the room during his new Netflix comedy special. In "Aziz Ansari: Right Now," on Netflix, the comedian discusses the January 2018 allegation against him and the ensuing fallout. "There's times I felt scared. There's times I felt humiliated. There's times I felt embarrassed. And ultimately, I just felt terrible that this person felt this way."

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    Since allegations of sexual misconduct, comedian Aziz Ansari has kept away from the spotlight. But now the comedian is making a come back and announced he would have a comedy special, on Netflix. ?Aziz Ansari: Right Now? will begin streaming on July 9 and have Spike Jonze as director. According to CNN, Ansari was known for his Emmy-winning Netflix show, ?Master of None.? Although Ansari wanted the show to continue it is unclear whether it will return for a third season.

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