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The top 10 for a stress-free car ride with children


1. Plan in advance to avoid unnecessary stops and distractions2. Allow enough time for the toilet and rest breaks3. Try different types of music and find out what the kids like.4. Invest in in-car entertainment to entertain children while driving.5. Involve the children in the route and travel planning - this will inspire them and show them what they can look forward to.6. Pack nutritious snacks. Because hungry kids are loud kids!7. Bring your child's favourite toy with you to give it a sense of familiarity and safety.8. Drive so that it fits into your child's routine. For example, take advantage of your child's nap.9. Make sure that the children in the child seat are in a comfortable sitting position.10. Carry out all relevant checks on your car before you leave: fluid level, tire pressure, tread depth and air conditioner function. There is nothing worse than waiting for roadside breakdown assistance with angry children.

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